It’s all been about great heights recently!

A 30metre crane

Gallery Oldham recently hired a crane to revisit the site of the famous 1876 panoramic photograph taken by Squire Knott from the roof of a now demolished mill. I’ve been working on some panoramic paintings of Oldham for the exhibition starting next month, so was invited along for the ride. The original photograph shows a virtual forest of mill chimneys. I counted about 70. How many are now left? Not a single one. 3 churches are the only buildings that help to identify the view. I’ve been working on a large painting of the view, a 2 piece 14 ft panorama. I’ve widened Squire Knott’s view slightly to take in the only mill chimney still visible.The exhibition starts at Gallery Oldham on June 10th with a special viewing event on June 30th.

The Oldham Panorama, Gallery Oldham

The Oldham Panorama, Gallery Oldham

Painting in progress

A 3000 metre mountain

I recently visited the Alps at the invitation of art loving skiing enthusiast Robin Saxby. I did a number of oil sketches on location and with the aid of some photographs hope to make some large paintings of the mountains.

A 300km bike ride and a 462 metre Highland Pass

I’m about to embark on a 3 day – 300km bike ride. On and off road the ride takes in the highest point on the national cycle network, Drumochter Pass at 462 metres. Along with some friends, I’m raising money for the Rossendale Rays – a special needs swimming club here in my home town. If anyone feels able to make a donation of any size it would be very gratefully received.  The easiest way to donate is via the just giving website.

Some members of the fund raising team

Published: May 9, 2012
Category: News