Two Spencers in Istanbul

Two Spencers in Istanbul

Two blokes wandering through a city, one with a camera, the other with a camera and a sketchbook. Enjoying the energy of a unique city, and committing some of it to paper and digital photography. Later back in England, sifting and sorting, cropping and editing, and, in my case translating into oil paintings and ink drawings.

This exhibition displays the results of the trip. Images of Istanbul – a city of contrasts. East meets West. The ancient and the modern. Mosques and multinationals. Bazaars and international banking. BMWs and handcarts.

And trade. Stuff for sale everywhere. The intricacies, beauty and bustle of the Bazaars. The outdoor stalls selling cheap tools. Whole streets of butchers. A cluster of men frying fish. A handful of roughly hewn broom handles for sale outside a house. Designer shops in fashionable modern shopping streets, and a few down and outs trying to sell each other a pair of shoes, or holding aloft a pair of second hand trousers. Everyone wanting a piece of the trading action.

A few days isn’t long to get to know a city. It’s just a glimpse – some things we noticed. It’s interesting to spend time looking with someone else. It’s usually a solitary pursuit for me. Perhaps I noticed different things. There are more people than is usual in my pictures. All cities are full of people, but in Istanbul a lot happens out in the streets. I think that’s reflected in the paintings and photographs.
Liam Spencer.

2 Spencers in Istanbul

Paintings by Liam Spencer and photographs by Spencer Hannah

Philips Art Gallery, City Tower, New York Street, Manchester, M1 4BD

20th May – 14th June 2008 Tuesday – Friday 12 – 4.30 Saturday 12 – 4.00

T 0161 834 6928 M 07968 047 224

Commuter by Spencer Hannah

Mackerel by Spencer Hannah