London Calling Exhibition

After being exhibited in London, and before travelling to Tokyo and New York, this exhibition is on display for two weeks only at the See Gallery in Crawshawbooth, Rossendale.

It’s a tribute to Ray Lowry, the designer of the London Calling album cover, and contains the work of forty artists who were invited to interpret the album cover in any way they chose. The exhibition includes work by Tracey Emin, Billy Childish, John Squire, Harry Hill, Nick Hornby and Mick Jones, and also includes the famous Pennie Smith photograph of Paul Simenon smashing his bass which was used for the album cover. My contribution can be seen below.

London Calling, Manchester Listening

Liam Spencer Ink on Paper 2010

“I love the London Calling album. I listened to it a lot as an art student in the early 1980’s. Now I can’t really see it without thinking about its cover designer Ray Lowry.

I met Ray because he lived close to my studio in Rossendale, Lancashire. I was surprised to discover that the designer of one of the most iconic album covers of all time lived just down the road. He would call in on occasion to look at my paintings and chat, and I got to know him more after helping organise an exhibition of his work at the See Gallery shortly before his death.

I wanted to pay tribute to Ray and to Joe Strummer, both dearly departed. Two fine men, two real rockers and two damned fine quiffs.”

(With thanks to Andrew Farrington, whose wonderful photograph of Ray formed the starting point for this drawing).

Liam Spencer

Published: July 22, 2010
Category: News